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    International Patients

    Dr. Andrés Freschi has a significant number of international patients who come to Argentina from all over the world, so that our practice is truly global and our staff is very familiar with common concerns patients coming from abroad may have.

    We take excellent care of our clients, providing tailor-made solutions. Whether the goal is to rejuvenate and enhance or to repair and restore function and appearance, our focus is always on providing exemplary care and gratifying results.

    Typically, when a patient located outside of Buenos Aries is interested in a consultation, she/he is advised to send frontal, side, three-quarter view and profile photos to the office. Upon receipt, Dr.Freschi will schedule a telephone, Skype consultation or an email report with estimated costs. Privacy is always our foremost consideration in any discussion.

    The highest priority of our practice is patient safety. Choosing to have a surgical procedure abroad demands careful planning and decision making.


    International Patient Counsellor

    We encourage you to contact our International patients counsellor, Susan Stanley, with any questions you may have. Based in Canada, Susan knows Dr Freschi's practice and the city of Buenos Aires perfectly well. She will be your trusted person before, during and after your stay.

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    To learn more, see our guidelines for out of town patients:
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