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    Chin Augmentation
    8 April, 2017
    Submental Fat Liposuction
    8 April, 2017

    Torn Earlobe

    Excessive weight or trauma can easily overcome the strength of the earlobe tissues leading to a tear in the gentle earlobe tissues. This split may be unattractive and renders the earlobe unusable for most jewelry. Sometimes, clip-on earrings can still be fitted and are used to camouflage the earlobe tear.

    Most earlobes tears can be effectively and safely corrected using delicate surgical repair techniques. The procedure is routinely performed under local anesthesia with an optional sedative. Fine suture threads are used, support the repair and minimize scaring.

    Patients have to wait for a minimum of 8 weeks before a stud can be placed. Now it is important to prevent recurrent earlobe damage. The healed earlobe has usually a barely visible pencil-fine scar line without aesthetic limitations.