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    Looking like a younger version of myself

    These past years I would look at my aging face (73 years) and think a facelift would be a wonderful thing – but I didn’t expect it would happen as it was out of my price range. Realizing costs would be less in Buenos Aires and surgical care should be as good as anywhere led me to explore this option.
    I was fortunate to meet three other Floridians who had had face lifts by Dr Freschi about two weeks before mine was scheduled. They were all happy with the results, as am I.

    I was planning a trip from Florida to Antarctica and Argentina when the option of a facelift in Buenos Aires was presented to me. I had two weeks to chose a surgeon!
    I contacted several plastic surgeons in Buenos Aires and Dr. Freschi immediately stood out from the others with his communication skills. He personally responded to my initial query and followed up with prompt answers to my questions and concerns.
    An exploration of his initial and continuing education found him to be well grounded and up to date with the latest procedures.
    I actually met him only a few days before my scheduled surgery. He explained the anticipated procedure and outcomes, answering all of my questions as they arose.
    The surgery and recovery have gone well and I am now one month post op looking like a younger version of myself!
    I found Dr. Freschi not only to be a skilled surgeon but a warm, caring and delightful person. I would highly recommend him.
    Diane Dahlberg, BSN, MN