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    Eyelid surgery yes, but I would not recommend for Fat Grafting

    Andres is a really kind doctor. He has a lot of patience. The clinic he operates in is really amazing. They take good care of you, the nurses are sweet and the food is amazing. I was disappointed with some of the results. Not all. My upper eyelid looks good. Natural. The only reason I give him a 3 star is because the fat transfer to my face showed no results. I take half the blame for not doing research beforehand and I realized that technic is everything for the fat to survive. So I literally had no benefit from this procedure. Really upsetting after all the pain I went through and also the work I rejected so that I could take a full month off work to do this in Buenos Aires. The liposuction developed a huge blood clot which I was not warned it could happen, and it was a very unpleasant overall post op experience. The pain was excruciating, the meds that were prescribed for pain needed a double prescription, so I had to change them through another doctor at the clinic, and he prescribed a pain killer that was ineffective for the amount of pain I was experiencing. I couldn’t sleep for weeks. Hardly could walk. I still have a numbness on my flanks and my stomach did not go down much. Im still upset about it.