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    Composite Deep Plane Facelift in Buenos Aires!

    Dr. Andres Freschi is one of the best plastic surgeons in the world. I traveled all the way from the Island of Kauai in Hawaii to Buenos Aires, Argentina just to have this Advanced type of Facial Rejuvenation procedure called The Composite Deep Plane Facelift. What intrigued me to Dr. Andres Freschi’s practice was the fact that he is highly trained in this procedure with years of experience performing it and is now teaching this type of facelift to other Plastic Surgeons from around the world. The Composite Deep Plane Facelift goes deeper into the facial anatomy than the traditional facelift technique known as the SMAS Facelift done by most plastic surgeons. Currently, there are only about 30 or 40 Plastic Surgeons in the entire World that perform this much Longer Lasting more Natural Youthful looking Facelift. In the USA to have this same type of facelift technique done by one of the few surgeons that do it there would have cost me over double the price of what Dr. Freschi charged me in Buenos Aires. Its been one week since my Facelift with Fat transfer to the periorbital Eye area and to my nose bridge area (instead of a nose job). I am beyond thrilled and so happy with the results!! I call Dr. Andres Freschi “Prince Andres” as now since having surgery with him I can go home to Kauai and live “Happily Ever After at 62 years young!! Dr. Freschi has so much Passion for his work! It so obvious when you meet him that he loves what he does! He is beyond professional and when you meet him you feel like you’ve known him forever! I’m attaching a BEFORE photo and an AFTER photo and I will add more before and after photos in the very near future.