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    A magician!

    i came to BA to get a face rejuvenation treatment and was nervous as I did not know anyone to give me recommendations. Some research on the net showed some very positive results for Dr Freschi and I was so glad I found him. He answered my mail immediately and was very efficient in setting up an appointment. His rooms were easy to get to and in a safe area for a woman on her own. He put me at ease immediately and took the time to listen to my concerns. But the best part about the whole experience is the results. Unbelievable! He is like a magician, he just made all those nasty lines and crows feet disappear. I am so happy I took the time to make the trip to him and will definitely be returning. I used to avoid looking in the mirror in the morning and now I feel so confident even without make up on. I thoroughly recommend a visit to Dr Freschi, it mas made such a difference to me.