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    Shirley P.

    After several years of searching, contacting many doctors and not feeling comfortable, I came across Andrés profile which immediatly felt right. I became aquainted with his methods and realized the genuine passion and artistic eye is what I needed to feel I’m in good hands. From the initial intake, reception, clinic, recovery and post-op care , my personal experience has been completely positive. Andrés and his team are committed to my best outcome and experience. And this shows all-around. The office is lovely and in an appealing, safe location. Andrés and his receptionist are very articulate-English isn’t an issue. Also, the Clinic and personnel is top calibre. I was further put at ease by the comprehensive pre-op tests and how Andrés is so highly regarded by his colleagues. Andrés open communication and honest opinions along with outstanding credentials , great reviews and much experience told me I’d made the best choice. I came alone but have never felt alone. All through this process Andrés is always available, very approachable and contacts me about my progress, which is very good. I had no residual effects from anaesthetic, no pain, no bleeding, minimal bruising. The breast implant incisions are imperceptable, invisible. My eyelids healed within days. I’m planning my next procedures and costs are far less than my country. I have no uncertainties around referring my loved ones to Andrés. I expected a good outcome and my expectations have been greatly exceeded! Thank You Andrés! 64 y/o, Vancouver, Canada, Breast Implants, Deep Plane Composite Face Lift, Neck Lift, Upper & Lower Eyelids.