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    Feeling both physically and emotionally better

    A close relative of mine had surgery for Lipedema – it’s a complicated highly misdiagnosed disorder, that affects about 11% percent of women world wide. The upper portion of their body is not in proportion to the lower half. Often making their legs/arms very heavy, with cuffing that can occur around the ankles.
    Not may surgeons world wide treat this disease, Dr. Freschi does! And he’s been a godsend. The surgery was done on legs and arms. We started to notice results after a week, and now three weeks in, things are looking very well. My relative is now feeling much better both physically and emotionally. I don’t think she can quite believe her new healthy shape. I would highly recommend this doctor. Dr. Freschi is a very skilled surgeon, and a caring, concerned physician.

    The clinic was excellent too. I really enjoyed that they had a comfortable couch that a person accompanying the one having surgery could use to stay overnight. The meals were perfectly prepared depending on what kind of surgery one had. The rooms were private with nice washroom/shower/tv. The overnight stay was part of the overall cost of the surgery. Dr. Freschi speaks and writes excellent English. Not all of the staff at the clinic do. But that need not be a problem. I downloaded a Spanish translation app, and everything was understood.