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    Best Decision Ever – Argentina

    I was in argentina for an exchange year for university abroad. In this time i was really planning of having a breast augmentation surgery done, also that nobody back at home would notice that i had one. I found andres freschi and emailed him, he directly replied and i was able to make an appointment withing a few days.
    He speaks very well english and helped me very well.
    Andres and i discussed size and model, however i was very indecisive, but he is very patient and also gives his own opinion.
    A week before the surgery i decided to change the model from pear shaped to round shape, this change was very flexible and andres explained both pros and cons of each model.
    On the day of the surgery, dr freschi came to my room to mark the areas of incision. I was given a very large and luxurious room at the medicus! It was a great stay and kind staff. The operation went well and very relaxing, i did not feel scared at one moment, also because dr freschi and his collegues were very relaxed and kept me calm.

    I am 2 weeks post-operation and my breasts look great!! I am happy with the size and choice and happy that dr frechi recommended me to go bigger, because otherwise i would have regretted that they were too small.
    My experience was amazing and if i could do it all over, i definitely would!

    Size: from cup a to c (250 cc)
    Model: round
    Brand: mentor
    Happiness level: SUPER HAPPY