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    All my bruises are gone and everything is looking great

    After some extensive research and consultations with many doctors, I decided to choose Dr. Freschi for my Ultrasound Liposuction
    He and his team were very friendly, welcoming and professional, they made me feel safe and relaxed the whole time.
    I can quite honestly say the whole experience was very pleasant, almost painless and completely straight forward.
    The pain after the surgery was a lot less than i expected and I walked out of the clinic the same night after the surgery.
    I am now 12 days into my recovery and everything is looking great, all my bruises are gone, im back at the gym and i do not feel any pain whatsoever. The incision marks are almost invisible too.
    The doctor and his secretary checked up on me regularly after surgery to make sure i was feeling well.
    I cannot recommend Dr. Freschi and his team enough.

    This was my first surgery ever, so i was pretty scared, but everything went great. Being in an actual clinic for the procedure and not in an office really made me feel safe. After the surgery i was transferred into a private room where the nurses checked up on me every hour and even got me vegetarian meals.