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    After has been fantastic

    After more than 15 years’ deliberation, I finally went ahead with a breast lift. I am 32 and had always known that I wanted to have this procedure, but had never been in a financial position to do so previously. Although it is early days, I am literally delighted with the shape of my breasts post-op and actually well up every time I look in the mirror. So in terms of whether the surgery was good value, my answer is a resounding yes – for me this was an investment that you couldn’t put a price on, and it was unquestionably worth the wait to get there.

    I had some inital reservations about how the scarring might impact my relationship with my boyfriend, but in the end we decided that the difference it could make to my happiness was worth the risk. I can already say without a shadow of a doubt that this was 100% the right decision: although I’m confident that in any case the scarring will be minimal and very neat thanks to the skill of my surgeon, I can honestly say that this issue has completely lost any importance for both of us given how happy we are with the new shape of my breasts.

    I am a Brit living in Buenos Aires and spent a long time researching my options locally before going ahead with the procedure. I interviewed several surgeons before arriving at Dr. Freschi but felt an instant confidence in his professionalism. The knowledge and experience that he transmitted during our first consultation gave me full faith in his abilities, and I greatly appreciated his suggestion that my boyfriend attend our second consultation to involve him in the process. Dr. Freschi was extremely reassuring throughout the operation itself, which was important for me as it was the first time I’d undergone surgery. His aftercare has also been fantastic, but what speaks louder than anything is the incredible result that he has given me and the difference I already feel in myself. Thank you Andrés, you changed my life!!