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    Scars / Revisions
    17 April, 2017
    Scars / Revisions
    17 April, 2017

    Skin Care

    Restylane skincare is based on the same unique patented technology utilised in other Restylane products.
    While the original Restylane filler and Skinbooster treatments create volume, definition and hydration from within, Restylane skincare protects, hydrates and nourishes your skin from the outside.
    Tiny crystal shaped particles of Hyualuronic acid are incorporated that reflect light. Whilst keeping moisture they naturally fill out minimal lines.

    Restylane Facial Cleanser
    Gentle skincare with Restylane Facial Cleanser

    Each time you cleanse your face you risk stripping your skin of essential lipids, antioxidants and water-binding substances. Therefore cleansing procedures must be as mild and gentle as possible to preserve the health and natural balance of your skin.

    Organic oils and ceramides

    This cleanser is formulated to dissolve impurities on the surface of your skin and to protect the skin's surface from losing its natural moisturising components.

    Restylane Day Cream
    Protect and vitalise your skin

    Restylane Day Cream has a natural affinity for skin, and used daily you can look forward to softer, glowing skin with improved luminosity. Ingredients that improve the skin’s own detoxifying ability, giving rise to soft and healthy skin.

    Skin hydration and smoothness

    The hydrating formulation is clinically proven to fill out small lines and improve the skin's structure*, leaving you looking and feeling beautiful.


    Combined with all the benefits of Restylane Day Cream, the SPF15 formulation also protects your delicate skin from damaging UV-radiation that can prematurely age the skin appearance and structure.

    The technology behind Restylane

    The Day Cream & Day Cream SPF15 products contain the Restylane patented form of stabilized hyaluronic acid, NASHA™ gel, which has been embedded in a very special lipid network. This unique combination, only found in Restylane Skincare products, provides your skin with superb protection and rehydrates whilst leaving your skin looking radiant.

    Restylane Night Cream
    Restore your skin’s natural health

    Restylane Night Cream contains ingredients that help counteract the skin’s ageing process whilst protecting the natural balance and beauty of your skin. As the cream is very similar to the skin it helps build up your own protective skin barrier and allows your skin to breathe and recover at night.

    Beautiful skin for you

    Used each evening this moisturising night cream can help restore your skin's natural strength. The ingredients are clinically proven to help counteract the ageing process* and leave your skin looking and feeling more beautiful every day.

    Restylane Eye Serum

    Light and soft formula perfectly suited to the sensitive skin around the eyes.

    Stimulate and hydrate

    This Eye Serum contains substances that improve the elasticity around the eye area. Diminishing dark circles under the eyes.
    The serum contains natural oils that make your skin both soft and bright, diminishing dark under eye circles. It will reduce fluid accumulation, making the eyes less puffy and tired.

    Restylane Recover Cream

    A calming and soothing effect on your skin, especially after aesthetic treatments.

    Calm and soothe your skin

    Aesthetic treatments can temporarily cause an imbalance in your skin. Restylane Recover Cream is very similar to the skin and can help restore your skin’s equilibrium and health. The cream is not occlusive; in other words it allows your skin to breathe while recovering from the treatment.

    Arnica and rice extracts

    Restylane Recover Cream contains extracts from arnica that possess anti-inflammatory qualities and helps to reduce swelling and bruises with a calming effect. Rice extracts build up the important antioxidative shield of your outer skin layer. The cream moisturises and soothes your skin most effectively up to 24 hours after your injectble treatment.