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    Breast Augmentation with Implants
    17 April, 2017
    Breasts Reduction
    17 April, 2017

    Breast Fat Grafting

    The breast augmentation with a woman's own fat is not only an aesthetic improvement of the treated area, but also it improves the body contour, since the fat extraction was made from other parts of the body. The results are very natural. It is the ideal choice for patients unwilling to have breast prosthesis.

    Breast augmentation with fat is the ideal choice for those women interested in having only one more size. The results are natural, the breast has more volume and recover firmness and consistency, avoiding any scar, rejection or incompatibility. Besides an aesthetic improvement of the breast, this technique offers the added value of achieving also an improvement on the area where the fat was extracted.

    Lipostructuring is the technique that enables us to provide volume in different areas of the body using the patient’s own fat as a filling material.

    The use of the patient’s own fat as a filling material to restore and add volume or remodel avoids any possible rejection or incompatibility, since it is an autologous material. We can define the autologous fat as the best filling material and the less harmful for the body.

    The fat implantation technique is very important so as to guarantee that this fat survives in the new area and keep the achieved volume, preventing the fat from being re absorbed in the long term.


    The most frequent donor areas are abdomen, inner tights and knees, saddle bags and double chin.
    Once the treated area has been disinfected, we carefully obtain the fat tissue, aspirating with a small cannula linked with a special syringe (luer-lock). The pressure must be enough to aspirate, not damaging the fat cells.

    Afterwards, the fat tissue is centrifuged to separate it in three layers: oil (fat acids), pure fat (the one that we will use) and anaesthetic fluids and blood on the deepest level. We separate the pure fat from the remaining materials. This system allows us to obtain from 3 to 7 cc of pure fat, with good chances to survive, out of 10 cc of aspirated material.

    The infiltration or grafts of fat tissue are placed in the intramuscular and subcutaneous area via small incisions, close to the treated area, so as that the fat can not be absorbed and we can guarantee long lasting results. A micro-cannula is used to place the small implants, creating fat filaments of around 1mm of diameter. A minimum distance of 2 mm between the implants is necessary in order to guarantee its survival.

    Once the implants are finished, we do immobilise the grafts for 7 or 10 days, with a paper adhesive plaster or with a pressotherapy bandage.

    On most occasions, one session of treatment is enough, although some patients require more than one to achieve the wished results, especially when big amounts of fat tissue are needed.

    Dr. Andrés Freschi