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    Inverted Nipple Correction
    23 April, 2017

    Tuberous Breast

    First described in detail in 1974, tuberous breast deformity is a pathologic condition of the breast affecting teenage woman either unilaterally or bilaterally. It is the most frequent deformity of the breast.

    Other names of this deformity include snoopy breast, conical breast, tubular breast deformity, domen nipple, lower pole hypoplasia, etc.
    The clinical aspect of this malformation is the base absence or deficient in vertical as well as horizontal dimension.

    There several grades of deformity. Dr Freschi will examine your breasts and determine the best surgery technique for your case.

    Surgery is the only way to treat tuberous breast. In literature numerous technique to correct tuberous breast deformity are reported. There has been no paradigm shift in the approach to the surgery of tuberous breast. The surgical protocol has to be planned on the patient in order to correct all malformation features.