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    My breasts are the exactly the size and shape I wanted

    I chose Dr. Freschi to perform my breast augmentation and liposculpting because he seemed the most conscientious of the surgeons I interviewed. He was the only one of the surgeons I met who admits patients for an overnight stay since, as he says, “if anything were to happen, it would happen the first night and [the patient] has trained people to look after her.” Dr. Freschi described the surgical team to me (himself, and assistant, a cardiolgist, and anesthesiologist, and two nurses) during one of our consultations. He seemed primarily concerned with safety with aesthetic results coming a very close second. I believe that Dr. Freschi shared my sense of aesthetics and knew the proportions and overall appearance I was hoping to achieve. I am very pleased with my results. My breasts are the exactly the size and shape I wanted – very natural and lovely.

    Dr. Freschi’s consultorio is located in a lovely building, with a comfortable waiting room and attentive secretary. His office and treatment room are comfortable as well. The hospital in which he operates (Centro Medicus) is located in a central location in the city. The nurses that attended me during my stay were incredibly kind and attentive. I was pleased (as pleased as one can be with a hospital stay) by the care I received.