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    Breast Lift
    18 April, 2017
    Inverted Nipple Correction
    23 April, 2017

    Implant Replacement / Revision

    Do all breast implants need to be routinely replaced every 10 years?

    The answer to this commonly asked question is: No

    While it is unrealistic to expect that breast implants will last forever, in the absence of a problem, ROUTINE implant replacement every 10 years is neither necessary nor justified.

    The life span of any implant is unpredictable.

    Accordingly, we strongly believe that there is no justification in subjecting every woman to the repeat costs, inconvenience and risks of repeat surgery every 10 years in the absence of any problem.

    Implants do not come with any Expiry Date.

    Therefore, rather than replace every implant after 10 years, a more logical approach is for patients to check the integrity of their implants with a simple Breast Ultrasound every 18 months to 2 years. If the Ultrasound ever suggests a possible rupture, and it is confirmed by MRI Examination, replacement is then certainly indicated and justified.

    Do breast implants carry a manufacturer’s warranty?

    Yes. However, this does vary with each brand of implant and the reason(s) for its replacement.